Partner’s Preparation

Sometimes a couple wishes to be by themselves or circumstances lead to be this way. In this case, a well prepared partner who has learned the birthing process, has gained a deep understanding and feels confident in supporting his/her loved one into bring their baby into the world can not only being the source of love and emotional support but also positively affect the birth experience.

I offer a Partner’s Preparation course where we will talk about WHAT, WHEN, HOW and WHY, following Evidence Based Birth and most updated studies and research.

The Preparation is done in 2 or 3 sessions of 3 – 4 hours each where we cover:

Birth: First stage of labour, Active labour, Transition and Pushing stage. After birth. 6 weeks Postpartum;

Comfort measures: Breathing methods, Positions, Relaxation & massage exercises. Doula tools;

Interventions: Augmentation, Induction, Pain medication, Cesarean Section;

Partner tools: Emotional Freedom Technique, Holding space, Presence, Wording and Affirmations, Advocacy.


For those living outside Bangkok, I can offer a location and the course can be arranged for evenings and weekends. Contact me for availability and details:  or 0641705042.