Partner’s Preparation

Sometimes a couple wishes to be by themselves or circumstances lead to be this way. In this case, a well-prepared partner who has learned the birthing process, has gained a deep understanding and feels confident in supporting his/her loved one in to bring their baby into the world can not only being the source of love and emotional support but also positively affect the birth experience.

I offer a Partner’s Preparation course where we will talk about WHAT, WHEN, HOW and WHY, following Evidence Based Birth and most updated studies and research.

The Preparation is done in 2 or 3 sessions of 3 – 4 hours each where we cover:

Birth: First stage of labour, Active labour, Transition and Pushing stage. After birth. 6 weeks Postpartum;

Comfort measures: Breathing methods, Positions, Relaxation & massage exercises. Doula tools;

Interventions: Augmentation, Induction, Pain medication, Cesarean Section;

Partner tools: Emotional Freedom Technique, Holding space, Presence, Wording and Affirmations, Advocacy.


For those living outside Bangkok or with timing issues, the course can be arranged for evenings and weekends. Contact me for availability and details:  or 0641705042.