What I do as a Paramana Birth Doula

First of all, I will come when you need me to attend you and your needs during your labour and birth. I will stay with you as long as it takes, guiding and coaching, bringing knowledge, non-judgmental unbiased support and the understanding of Birth Physiology and hospital protocols learned in over 10 years of experience. With love, care, and wisdom I will be your Paramana Doula, following the principles of undisturbed birth and the basic needs of a birthing mother based on Lamaze, Leboyer and Michel Odent observations.

My approach as a Paramana Birth Doula

My holistic approach is based on emotional encouragement and physical support as well as usage of several relaxing techniques, as I am certified HypnoBirthing practitioner. 

I will support you prenatally, during birth and after, and help you to relax. For this purpose, I use methods and tools such as Acupressure, Aromatherapy (with only organic essential oils), Homeopathy for childbirth, Rebozo, Spinning babies techniques using positions prior and during labour, counter-pressure, visualization and breathing techniques.

In preparing the mother and her partner extensively prenatally, we will work to build your confidence and knowledge of the birth process, have your own choices and voices heard. My wish is to help you to find your own way to birth your baby, to give you the tools to birth your baby on your own terms.